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Mr. Feng Ke inspected the substation project in Huay Xai
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Mr. Feng Ke , UREC general manager, inspected the substation project in Huay Xai of Laos accompanied by Mr. He Wen, vice-general manager of UREC during September 7 to 8 of 2017. Mr. Feng Ke gave a high appraisal to the completed work and provided guidance for the next step of the work.

Mr. Feng Ke emphasized that the premise to achieve the project time limit was safety construction and quality assurance. Meanwhile, in order to further enhance UREC's soft power, it was necessary to form a good relationship with the local people, related departments and EDL. Mr. Yu Xiaodong, project department manager, promised to do the Huay Xai's project well and train the project talents for the company so as to submit a satisfactory answer for UREC.  

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