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UREC General Manager Visited the Project Site of THAKETA Cycle Power Plant in Yangon
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Mr. Feng Ke , UREC general manager, made a work survey on the project site of Thaketa Cycle Power Plant in Yangon accompanied by Mr. Mao Zhigang, general manager of ICT division and the related project managers on September 29, 2017.

The survey group inspected the project site and debriefed Mr. Dong Fan, general manager of Thaketa Project Company and project manager of the EPC contractor party about the management of project construction. The project construction progress, financing situation, duration objectives, personnel management, as well as the preparation of recent hot issues were detailed reported.

Mr. Feng Ke fully affirmed and encouraged the current progress of the project and good mental attitude of all staff of the project department. At the same time, Mr. Feng Ke emphasized that despite of the tight schedule, quality control and HSE were more important to be considered. And for an operation project which would last for 30 years, investors were more focused on the quality and reliability.    

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