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Handing Over Ceremony of 20 Diesel Locomotives to Myanmar Held in Yangon
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The handing over ceremony was held at Yangon Railway Station at 8:00 of 2nd November 2008. Many important officials of Myanmar government, the ambassador and economic counselor of Embassy of P. R. China in Myanmar, the General Engineer of Dalian Locomotive Plant attended the ceremony together with Mr. Feng Ke, the Chairman of the Board of UREC.

The Minister of Ministry of Railway, Myanmar expressed his satisfaction on both the appearance of and the new techniques adopted on the locomotives. He praised that the new locomotives were even more excellent than he had imagined.

The 2000 HP diesel locomotives of series CKD7B handed over this day had been manufactured by Dalian Locomotive Plant of P. R. China and been exported BY UREC to Myanmar. It is equipped with a Caterpillar 3516B engine and can be used on both plain and slope-land, which is also the locomotive with the largest load capacity in Myanmar. The most impressive characteristic of these locomotives is that DLC microcomputer controlling systems have been utilized on them.

Considering the prominent operation of the locomotives, the Minister of Ministry of Railway, Myanmar has decided to put them into use as soon as possible so as to relieve the tension of Myanmar railway transportation.  

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